The Partners Alliance Difference

Our recruiting consultants operate on flexible schedules, often working in their fields of specialty. This allows them to simultaneously maintain their technical skills and recruit effectively within their fields.

This additional level of flexibility benefits our clients because it enables us to identify those hard-to-find candidates. Other staffing firms end their day at 5 p.m., but our consultants often work after hours to reach candidates outside the office where they can more freely discuss possible job opportunities.

Steps to Success

Determine Our Client’s Needs
We’ll spend time getting to know your organization, then help you clarify your employment and workforce needs.

Search for the Right Job Candidate
We’ll use our wide range of tools – from our own proprietary database to targeted advertising and outreach – to  find the best available candidates for your organization.

Screen Candidates
We’ll pre-screen applicants to present you with the best choices.

Place Candidate
We’ll work with you during the interview and evaluation stages, right on through the final negotiations and hiring process.

Our goal is to ensure that both clients and candidates benefit from the relationship with Partners Alliance. Once a candidate is hired, our recruiters will continue to provide feedback to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.