Technology and Industry Expertise

To provide the most qualified job candidates, Partners Alliance hires subject matter experts for each industry in which we recruit. A recruiting team is created around the needs of each client, providing thorough screening that is based upon hands-on experience and knowledge for the particular job we seek to fill.

We don’t rely on keywords from job descriptions to conduct candidate searches. Instead, our recruiting teams, composed of experienced engineers, software developers and architects, project managers and industry experts, conduct interviews with hiring managers to uncover the real job requirements. Their understanding of the technologies, processes, products and services that drive our client businesses enables us to present the most qualified candidates in the least amount of time.

Listed below are excerpts from our recruiting team biographies:

  • co-founded an engineering consulting organization that specialized in process control and embedded control systems.
  • 32 years of software development and management experience in enterprise architecture, research and development, integration services, product and market research and business development.
  • SPHR with experience as an HR consultant, authoring policies, training and coaching managers and advising senior business leaders on HR issues.
  • BSEE, served as Senior VP – Supply Chain with 19+ yrs in utitlies asStandards Engineer, Substation Design Engineer, Manager of Technology Transfer and Director of Research.
  • BSEE, over 18 years of computer hardware, software, and system experience
  • PE, MSEE, 35 years as Director of Quality, VP – Product Engineering, Director of Operations, Director of R&D.
  • 30 years experience in business development and analysis, project management, systems integration, and software development

Let our industry and technology experts find the best candidate for your next open position.

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