Retained Search Services

When you are pressed to hire new resources quickly or in large numbers, Partners Alliance will help you speed the process and reduce your long-term costs. For a fixed monthly fee, we will dedicate a team to work directly with your Human Resources department and hiring managers.

With a dedicated account manager, our recruiting team will be formed of technology and industry experts with hands-on experience in your disciplines. Customized operational, technical and sourcing support and rigorous candidate screening activities will support the team.

24/7 internet access to our recruiting management application will provide real-time status related to our recruiting efforts so that you know exactly how we are performing on your behalf. Our recruiters will be supported with company, industry, competitor and technology provider profiles, general and industry specific job boards, industry associations and trade shows, journals, blogs, links and other online resources to maximize candidate quality and minimize turnaround time. They will also take advantage of networking opportunities with with memberships in targeted industry associations and groups.

Although our recruiting management application will provide real-time status on every job and candidate, Partners Alliance will also conduct regularly scheduled on-site reviews to refine our searches with your team. Past experience and data have shown this to be the most effective means to learn your needs and improve our processes for delivering quality candidates. As we find candidates, we will make our recruiters available to present them directly, providing the opportunity for valuable feedback and information exchange. Partners Alliance will provide the agenda, reports and resources to conduct these meetings in the most efficient manner so that your hiring managers are not burdened in any way.

For the fixed monthly retainer fee, we reduce our placement fees accordingly so that the arrangement benefits both of us.

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