Recruiting Management

Partners Alliance will create a team to work with a new client consisting of industry and technology experts who recruit, screen and qualify candidates.

Selected client personnel are given on-line access to our Xtranet application which provides real-time status related to our recruiting efforts. Our recruiters are provided with company, industry, competitor and technology provider profiles, general and industry specific job boards, industry associations and trade shows, journals, blogs, links and other online resources to maximize candidate quality and minimize turnaround time.

Although our online Xtranet application will provide real-time status on every job and candidate, Partners Alliance will also conduct regularly scheduled on-site reviews to refine our searches with client hiring managers and HR personnel. Past experience has shown this to be the most effective means to learn your needs and improve our processes for delivering quality candidates. As we find candidates, we will make our recruiters available to present them to you in these meetings, providing the opportunity for valuable feedback and information exchange. Partners Alliance will provide the agenda, reports and resources to conduct these meetings in the most efficient manner so that hiring managers are not burdened in any way.

  • On-Site Recruiting Options
  • Candidate Pre-Screening
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Custom Reporting & Candidate Tracking
  • Tailored Advertising Planning
  • Regular Staffing Meetings

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